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Boxing / Kick Boxing

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KICK Boxing exercise for fitness
3 Apr

Boxing / Kick Boxing

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Fitness is not just doing crunches and pushups or just being gym fit. At Squad Fit we give a platform to make our clients real-time fit. Boxing and kickboxing conditioning classes target the real-time integrated components of fitness.

In our session, you can burn upto 700 calories in just one hour.

Our Boxing/Kick boxing classes offer participants a high impact workout that incorporates aerobic exercise and resistance training techniques for a strong fit physique. In our classes participants use both the upper and lower body to punch, kick, block and elbow an imaginary opponent, which keeps heart rate high and strengthens muscles.

Unlike other types of exercise that people can do while thinking of other things, such as running or stationary cycling – kickboxing/boxing demands the participant’s full attention. As a result, regular practitioners feel more focused during workouts. Because cardiovascular exercise improves endurance, also note higher energy levels but less stress throughout the day. Best of all, unlike other forms of cardiovascular exercise, these sessions use the entire body during the workout, which burns calories and when combined with a proper diet, will result in healthy weight loss.

Boxing/kickboxing as a fitness activity enables the average person to hone those same athletic skills.

These sessions offers a multi-planar flow of movements and exercise methodology which thus prepares the client to move efficiently in real life scenario. Alongside, a full body training approach challenges the entire physiological system and creates a challenging environment for better fat loss and optimal fitness.

1. Self Defense
2. Aerobic Fitness
3. Improved mood and increased self-esteem
4. Visceral fat loss
5. Cardiovascular health
6. Muscle strength and improved toning in the leg, arms and core
7. Improved hand-eye coordination
8. Improved balance and flexibility
9. Improved Energy and Focus
10. Improved Body composition

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