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Lose Weight with Group Training Exercises!

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Zumba Dance exercise
30 Jun

Lose Weight with Group Training Exercises!

squad_admin Jun 30, 2017 2 1187

Group training exercises combine the social aspect of camaraderie along with personalized attention from the trainer and help in weight loss and fitness. A lot of people are now joining small circles in gyms and fitness institutions for group training. If you want to lose weight with some fun and excitement, try these following exercises:

1. Equipment Based
Many group training exercises use specific equipment like kettlebells, barbells and suspension trainers for a mix of strengthening and weight loss routines. The various exercises include lunges, squats, swings, rows, curls and plank rows amongst others. These are great to get into shape and also increase your muscle strength.

Zumba dance exercise

2. Dance Based
A lot of fitness enthusiasts are choosing dance-driven exercises for weight loss. For instance, Zumba is one of the most celebrated forms of exercise that combines dance with losing weight and is a great way to bond with a social group and make new friends.

Zumba Dance exercise

3. Circuits
In places where equipment is limited, trainers build stations that clients can visit for a certain amount of time. These are designed to mix upper body and lower body exercises with some cardio, jumping jacks and high knee marches to ensure a higher heart rate. Normally, the complexity of these exercises increases over time as the group progresses from beginner to advanced levels.

4. Skill Based
You can also opt for group training wherein the trainer specifically designs the exercises based on the skill-sets of your group. These can include yoga sessions, outdoor training, indoor rock climbing, etc. These are extremely fun-filled exercises and will break the monotony of your daily routine while supporting your weight loss goals.

Fitness exercise

One of the best advantages of group exercises is that it keeps you motivated and gives you an opportunity to lose weight with a similar set of friends. With the help of the right trainer, you can surely make these exercises full of fun and burn many calories along the way!


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